"Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics" eBook

"Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics" eBook

Deploying Elixir clusters to Production using Kubernetes

I have written a new Elixir book:

Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics

Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics

It is based on the feedback and suggestions I got from the readers of my previous book "Deploying Elixir".

They asked me to write more about clustering in Elixir and deploying to Kubernetes.

I'll take you from zero to deploying a Kubernetes cluster in the three big Cloud Providers.

In this book:

  • I'll show you how to create an Elixir Release from your application and Dockerize it
  • Learn what an Erlang cluster is and how to create one
  • We explore the different strategies to create clusters using the libcluster library
  • I'll show you how to deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster using minikube
  • When you feel comfortable scaling your app I'll show you how to deploy to Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

You can download a sample chapter here:

Download sample chapter

If you prefer a video version, I presented part of chapter 4 in the this Elixir meetup talk:

Watch it here

Get the full book here:

Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics