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Creating a Phoenix 1.6 application with asdf

Creating a Phoenix 1.6 application with asdf

Create a Phoenix 1.6 application with Elixir 1.12

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Published on Sep 20, 2021

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The easiest way to create a new Phoenix Framework application:

Install asdf

Install asdf

Install plugins

asdf plugin-add erlang
asdf plugin-add elixir

Install dependencies

asdf install erlang 24.1.2
asdf global erlang 24.1.2
asdf install elixir 1.12.3-otp-24
asdf global elixir 1.12.3-otp-24

Install Phoenix

mix local.rebar --force
mix local.hex --force
mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.6.0 --force

Create the Phoenix application

mix phx.new saturn --install

Create DB and run application

cd saturn
mix ecto.create
mix phx.server

Visit your Phoenix LiveDashboard

Open http://localhost:4000/dashboard

Phoenix LiveDashboard



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